Citizen Panels On Judicial Misconduct

A Public Service Program of

National Forum On Judicial Accountability (NFOJA)


Welcome to the portal for the public service program, Citizen Panels On Judicial Misconduct, of National Forum On Judicial Accountability (NFOJA)*.  Through this program, NFOJA receives, reviews, and endorses (or opts not to endorse) judicial misconduct complaints before appropriate government agencies. The program is an unofficial, modified version of NFOJA's plan for judicial discipline via private citizen panels.


Participants / complainants must detail their grievance on prescribed forms which are distributed when complete to a volunteer panel that considers the matter at a public, electronic hearing and votes for NFOJA to endorse or forego endorsing the underlying grievance before appropriate government agencies.


*NFOJA is a project of National Judicial Conduct and Disability Law Project, Inc.

Eligibility, filing fee, and related information:

Eligible Participants / Complainants:


Any member of the general public complaining of one or more specific acts of alleged judicial misconduct.  


Potential Respondents:


Any current or former; civil or criminal; local, state, or federal judge, justice, magistrate, referee, special judge, judge pro-tem, or the like who presides or presided over the pre-trial and/or trial of one (1) or more U.S. cases, post-trial motions, and / or appeals.


Filing / Participation Requirements - Participants / complainants must:


  • Pay a non-refundable, twenty dollar ($20.00) filing fee to National Judicial Conduct and Disability Law Project, Inc.;

  • Submit an intelligible and complete complaint alleging one (1) or more violations of one (1) or more judicial canons and / or other applicable ethics provisions by one (1) or more potential respondents;

  • Undergo subsequent training for local hosts of NFOJA's community forums on judicial accountability;

  • Host at least three (3) of NFOJA's prescribed forums over the course and at certain stages of his / her case processing at hand;

  • timely communicate and otherwise cooperate with regard to the foregoing matters.

Processing Limitations:


  1. Neither NFOJA nor any of its agents, including your presiding panelists, are obliged to engage in any independent research and / or investigation of your complaint at hand.  In fact, any and all such activity is specifically discouraged;

  2. Neither NFOJA nor any of its agents, including your presiding panelists, assume any responsibility and specifically disavow any and all responsibility for identifying and / or preserving your claim at hand and / or your corresponding rights;

  3. No endorsement that stems or does not stem from the process at hand is a verification in any way of the underlying fact(s) and / or law(s).



Payment Arrangements:

  • To pay online, CLICK HERE

  • Cashier's Checks and / or Money Orders (no cash or personal checks please) should be made payable to NJCDLP, Inc. and mailed to NJCDLP, Inc. at 3274 Mount Gilead Road SW -- Atlanta, GA  30311


To Complete and Submit Your

NFOJA Judicial Misconduct Complaint Form: