National Judicial Conduct

and Disability Law Project, Inc. (NJCDLP), also known as The Law Project,

is a grassroots think tank,

public policy advocate, program administrator, community organizer, and non-profit corporation, focused on U.S. legal system accountability and otherwise helping ensure a fair and impartial administration of justice in America.

NJCDLP addresses a variety of social justice concerns, yet its overriding goal is to exalt America's judiciary while raising the world's consciousness of judicial misconduct; conduct that sometimes constitutes criminal activity (including intentional rights violations) and is inadequately checked by U.S. domestic and international anti-corruption/accountability mechanisms -- an oversight shortfall spread among all branches of American government that has evolved into a constitutional and human rights crisis.

NJCDLP is a proud member of

  • Global Net 21

  • UNA USA Council of Organizations

  • and the U.S. Human Rights Network

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NJCDLP currently administers the following advocacy scheme:

Whistleblower Protection and Human Rights Defender Advocacy

Human Rights Advocacy

Art Education, Prisoner Art, and Performing Arts

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